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Flashback to 2017, "Al Bacio Ixelles" opened its doors in the Chatelain area - introducing our signature Pizza #BARISTYLE

Come 2018, "Al Bacio's" founding members Claudio & Giovanni were looking to expand. 

The story of "Al Bacetto Ixelles" was about to begin.


Having worked together before, they instantly thought of Vito Meraglia. They approached him with their idea and very shortly after, he had joined the Bacio-Family and AL BACETTO IXELLES was created. Seeing the clients loving the Pizza they had all grown up with, Vito was instantly excited to take over this new project, which was to become Al Bacetto.

Located on the Rue de Florence, Al Bacetto has since its opening in 2019 focused on making the best #BARISTYLE pizzas available for Delivery & Take-away.

Rest assured that you will always find yourself in our signature setting of a relaxed atmosphere with good music as you enjoy our Bari-style pizza.

We look forward to welcoming you @ Al Bacetto !


Vito Meraglia

Founder & Pizzaiolo

After graduating from the renowned "Scuola di Pizzaiolo", Vito set out early to become an entrepreneur in the business.

Following a series of professional successes in his native region of Puglia, he sought out to change the scenery. After a brief intermezzo in Norway, he arrived in Belgium in 2018, where he joined forces with "AL Bacio Ixelles". Together, they created "Al Bacetto Ixelles", which he is now running successfully since 2019.

FINAL LOGO - AL BACETTO - Sept 2021.png

Opening Hours

Dine In & Take Away

Monday : closed
Tuesday - Friday : 12:00 - 14:00 & 19:00 - 22:00
Saturday & Sunday :
 19:00 - 22:00

Come find us on Instagram !

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