About Us

Al Bacetto Ixelles has been nestled in the Chatelain area ever since 2019.

This young and cozy establishment highlights our passion for market-fresh ingredients, honest baking and a southern atmosphere complemented by upbeat musical beats.

Our menu features a selection of BARI-STYLE Pizza's, all in-house made by our awesome team, lead by our Master Pizzaiolo Vito.


With numerous different combinations of delicious and fresh ingredients, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Whether for lunch or dinner, it is always the perfect time for a pizza,

so come JOIN US today at Al Bacetto Ixelles.

Meet the Family

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Al Bacio

Rue Américaine 119

1150 - Ixelles

LOGO Al Bacetto Marble background_edited.jpg

Al Bacetto

Rue de Florence 20

1150 - Ixelles

LOGO Al Bacino Marble background_edited.jpg

Al Bacino

Rue Jourdan 11

1060 - St Gilles